Vojvodina on Open Days 2009

Representatives of Serbia's norther province Vojvodina are going to attend for the first time ''Open Days 2009''. This is an annual summit of European regions and cities that was created as a discussion platform for many diverse issues and problems that are facing the continent and its people. Its organisers hope that through this summit, regional representatives can interconnect and eventually, form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Although Serbia isn't a member of the EU, this is a great chance for Vojvodina and the rest of the country. Tourism, like food production, is one of the economical forerunners currently developing in Vojvodina, and it's important to get this message across.

Instead of using just standard tools like advertising, I believe that open discussion about pitfalls and possibilities in Serbia is also very important.

The decision to take Vojvodina to the ''Open Days'' is even more important with the publication of statistical data about visitors to the region: according to it, number of visitor for the first 8 months of 2009 dropped 9% compared to the same period last year.

If Vojvodina wants a steady revenue generated by tourism, it's time to expand its European promotion.