Karlovci Christmas festivities

Although the New Year holiday season is whining down, there are still some events that are ongoing. In Serbia, majority of the population is Christian-Orthodox, and according to the old Julian calendar, New Year falls on January 14.

In Sremski Karlovci, a traditional event called ‘’Karlovci Christmas festivities’’ started in December, but will end on the 14th. Every year more and more people visit this event because of it broad and interesting subjects: culture, spiritual heritage, traditional folk values. All of this is presented in a modern, multimedia fashion.

If you like to learn more about local culture and, especially, spiritual and religions heritage (Sremski Karlovci is a very important center for both), on the 13th you can see the preparation for the Orthodox New Year in the church of St. Nikolaja around midnight, or New Year mass and church choir concert on the 14th , starting in 9:30AM.

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