Inviting investors to Serbia

Like most of the eastern European countries, Serbia is in need of more foreign investment into domestic tourism. Local business investors usually favor heavier industries or commerce sectors, rather then tourism, which is seen as more of an exotic and risky opportunity.

On recent Travel Trade Show that was organized in Berlin, Serbian government promoted its plans for bringing more investment into the tourism sector. Except for the usual rhetoric about our untouched natural beauties, Serbia’s improving image (at least, they hope it’s improving) and so fort, I think two things stand up for investors that are (rightly so) interested in profit, and not the improvement of our world-standing.

First of those is the expansion and promotion of archeological sites from the Roman era, so called ‘’Emperors Route’’ – I believe this is really a potential for development. Ancient Roman sites are always interesting and have a big appeal to most people.

The other thing, although less spectacular, is a planned cycling track alongside Danube, which is intended to promote bicycle tourism. This could be a jackpot for some low to medium investments – the landscape through which Danube flows is very flat, green and tranquil, and good basic infrastructure is already there. With some well planed tours that last 4-7 days, Serbia could easily get on the eco-tourist maps.

So, where do you want to put your money - ancient Rome or bicycles?

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