Golubac Danube fair

I’m very pleased to see that cities and town with access to Danube are expanding their tourism offers. This year, from 24th to 26th July, Golubac, a city in eastern Serbia, is hosting a Danube fair. This etno-event will cover smaller venues that will offer local food (especially the fish stew), traditional artwork and crafts, as well as folk music, all with the common theme of Danube.

I personally love Danube, because I grew up with this mighty river. But Golubac, located just before the Djerdap National park is truly a spectacular sight. There, Danube widens drastically, and is a great spot for waters sports like sailing. If you didn’t visit Golubac or Djerdap, Danube fair is a perfect opportunity to change that and enjoy on of Europe biggest rivers in its true glory.

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