Lake of Ledinci is gone

Usually, I write about interesting places and events in Serbia. This time I will write about something opposite - the complete destruction of one of those places.

Ledinacko lake (or Lake of Ledinci) formed in an abandoned quarry on Fruska Gora mountain. The first time I saw it I was amazed, because it looked like something from the pages of National Geographic magazine. Surrounded by steep rocky hills, the water in the lake was light blue, cold and very clear. During the summer, people came from Novi Sad and other near-by towns and villages to enjoy this great place that wasn't meant to be. Few years ago, a boulder fell from the rock wall and injured a few people, forcing the authorities to close all access to the lake.

This year, the site was drained and the lake is no more.
Local politics, business interest and safety issues aside, it's hard for me to believe that there was no other solution except the one that called for total annihilation of this gem.

I can just hope that the next generations won't look at these pictures and wonder what the hell were we thinking...

photos by Sel Emil


  1. What the Hell were they thinking?

    That is the crazyist thing I have heard of. A rock fell and injured some people...



  2. I know. It almost sounds like a bad joke.
    But somehow, I don't fell like laughing.