Hotel Rtanj on Kopaonik Montain is back in business!

Several months after a fire nearly destroyed it, one of the best known hotels on Kopaonik is back in business.

Rtanj is located right on the ski slope called Mali Karaman (this slope is serviced by a four-person double chair ski lift) and it sits on 1.786 meter about the sea level. Built in 1962 this mountain retreat first became known as the home of the GSS (Serbian mountain rescue service). For several decades, it was a place where students and other younger people used to stay during the ski season, mainly because of Rtanj affordable prices. Of course, with those came also a relatively low level of comfort and an aging interior that somehow managed to keep a lot of charm in spite of crackling wooden furniture and crooked main staircase.

Then the fire came and nearly put an end to Rtanj’s long history. The blaze that broke out in May 2013 took over the upper floor and luckily didn’t leave any casualties. But, in the wake of this unfortunate event came the possibility for a long aviated upgrade. Now, Rtanj looks more like a high end ski resort than a crumbling mountain hotel. Apart from the interior, the building itself was enlarged and now has another floor.

Now, you can stay in Rtanj and still get that phenomenal location for skiing, and also get a great place to stay and relax during your holiday. If this sounds good to you, check out Rtanj official Facebook fan page for more details.

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