Vojvodina at Expo Azienda Italia Fair

I already wrote about the need of Serbia and its regions to better present themselves at the international stage, especially to the countries from the EU block. That’s why I think that participation of Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia, in the Azienda Italia Expo Fair is a great decision.
The fair is an event that brings together Italian investors involved with projects in Romania.

Vojvodina, with its underdeveloped tourism and excellent possibilities for investments in green field eco-friendly industries, should take the lead in its own promotion. Also, it shares a border with Romania.

Of course, it’s always a bad idea to drum up our image – there are several big problems waiting anyone who wishes to invest in Serbia (judiciary system is the biggest in my opinion, more on that some other time).

But, if you accept the risks, I truly think Serbia, and Vojvodina in particular, has a huge potential for a successful business venture.

The event will take place in Timisoara, starting on the 10th and closing three days later. Vojvodina will have its presentation on the 11th, and it will be called "Economic Cooperation with AP Vojvodina". Check it out if you’re in Romania.

More about the Vojvodina presentation here.

More about the Azienda Italia Expo Fair here.

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